Who We Are

At AGDC, we believe in the immense potential of Nigerian youth!

At AGDC Employability & Enterprise Development Ltd/ GTE, we are more than just a social enterprise; we are a catalyst for transformation. Our mission is to create opportunities that empower individuals to access a continuum of programs and services designed to develop their competencies, employment skills, and career awareness. By doing so, we enable them to not only support themselves and their families but also elevate their quality of life. Simultaneously, we provide employers with access to a highly skilled and employable workforce

Our Flagship Programs

The 7 Star Employee Program

A comprehensive retraining and reorientation program that ensures individuals arrive on their first day of work fully groomed to be value-adding assets to their employers.

High Potential Graduate Program

An intensive development program designed to instill core managerial and leadership competencies into Nigeria’s prospective workforce.

Our Vision

AGDC is positioned as a “transformational vehicle” dedicated to helping individuals become more productive, employable, entrepreneurial, and better equipped to define and pursue rewarding career paths, both within and outside the corporate environment.

Our Team